The exceptionally resilient cooking surface is composed of thousands of titanium nanolayers – making it naturally stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Not only is NanoBond 400% harder than stainless, it’s 100% toxin free. NanoBond also achieves 35% greater heat conductivity than other aluminum-clad cookware.

Chef-inspired details include French-style comfortable ergonomic handles for ease of use, flared rims for easy pouring and flush rivets for easy cleaning. Handcrafted in Italy, NanoBond’s fit and finish are flawless and peerless.

NanoBond is groundbreaking cookware. But the biggest breakthrough is what you cook with it. Cook brilliantly.


Hestan - Reinventing Cookware

14 Global patents and the highest
standards of fit and finish

In addition to its revolutionary cooking surface, NanoBond’s chef-inspired details
elevate culinary performance to a truly exceptional level.

Hestan Nanobond unique features


"I've seen firsthand how much time and thought have been invested into developing the NanoBond line, starting with its very first prototype in 2014. The Hestan team’s commitment and drive are clearly reflected in their cookware.”

— Chef Corey Lee, Benu

“The NanoBond pans really have an impeccable design. Not only the look of the pans themselves, but the ergonomics and their function in the kitchen is unparalleled. It's something that is extremely comfortable to cook with - we cook with them quite often, and their design and durability ensures that they work with all types of items, whether it be something that is heavy or not, the heat distribution is always great.”

— Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

Food that has been prepared in Hestan Nanobond Saute Pan